Piano Lab

Piano Lab Information
Students will learn how to play the piano using our digital piano lab provided by TeamWork USA. Playing the piano is fun and this class will teach your child to read notes, learn about rhythms, and proper playing technique. Students who join a music club are expected to always be on their best behavior as representatives of Allamanda Elementary. All school rules must be followed in Piano Lab. Failure to do so will result in removal.

Students will meet Mr. Beirnes in the car loop at 7:05 AM on their assigned day. Piano Lab will begin promptly afterwards. Piano Lab ends at 7:55 AM, but students who want breakfast may leave at 7:45 so that they can still get to class on time. Do not leave your student at the Car Loop unattended. Late students will be marked absent that day and must wait for the regular 7:30 AM arrival time. No student is allowed to be dropped off before 7:30 AM unless with a staff member. Missing more than three classes will result in removal.

Spring registration is closed!

NOTE: Only students who have received confirmation of approval in writing from the music teacher and have submitted a signed registration form from a parent or guardian will be permitted to participate in any extracurricular music activity. Please contact Mr. Beirnes with any questions. I am so excited to work with your children this year!

Questions or Concerns?
Contact Mr. Beirnes!